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Mobile App Testing might seem unattractive, but will be sure to surprise you

Mobile App developers often look down on the testing process of mobile application development. It is not as creative as the planning stage, nor as thrilling as the release stage. What can you do – testing is an integral and essential part of the mobile application lifecycle and no matter how much creativity and excitement surrounds the application, if it doesn’t deliver as it’s meant to, all that time and effort was wasted.  Moreover, just as we know that the ugly duckling turns into a swan, in the end, you will find that mobile app testing brings unparalleled advantages with it. In other words – do you want your enterprise’s app to be a…


Success Story or Embarrassing Failure?


Does your enterprise want to be that company with the wildly successful app or that company with the embarrassing app that had to be pulled off the market because it failed massively? We don’t even have to talk at extremes- statistically, as of August 2013, a whopping 60% of all the apps in the Apple app store have never been updated. An enterprise that wants to produce successful mobile apps needs to test, test and test again.


I get it; mobile app testing is immensely important – but how should we go about it?


First – you need a plan that outlines what you want the app to do and what you do not want it to do. Sounds elementary, but you need to make sure that the development team is all on the same page.


Second – you need to produce a list of questions that guide you through the development process. The questions should keep you focused on the end goal.


Some questions that should be taken into account (far from an exhaustive list);



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Plan, Plan, Plan, Test, Test, Test. Fulfill your Customer’s Wildest Dreams


When developing a mobile application, your team must start with the end product in mind and work backward from there in order to ensure a well-thought-out product that will not only please but will deliver more than the consumers could ever dream of.



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