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Forget About Making Money If Your Mobile App Doesn’t Have This

In the mobile app world, according to Marshall Kim, Head of Product at eBay, “We’re moving from commerce on the couch to commerce at a glance,”


“Our consumption time is really decreasing. On eBay, we talk about something called ‘snack time mobile’ — in the time it takes to eat a Mars Bar, people are purchasing stuff. And there are statistics saying that more than half of Australians will shop online during a TV ad. Do TV ads go for a few minutes? They’ve bought something by the end of that.”


The Couch Potato Becomes a Valuable Commodity

Forget About Making Money If Your Mobile App Doesn't Have This

Imagine you are sitting on your couch, watching your favorite TV show. Along comes this really awesome commercial and you decide that you just have to have it. You get your smartphone, go to their site, buy the product, and it’s yours before the rest of the commercials end.


That’s the amount of time the developer of that mobile app has to check you out and get you back to your show. At most, you have 2 minutes to enable your user to buy before they put down the phone. There is no guarantee that when the next set of commercials come, they will go back to complete the purchase. Any salesperson knows that if you don’t make the close at the moment of maximum excitement, you risk the entire sale.


These Two Steps Are Critical to Your Sale

Forget About Making Money If Your Mobile App Doesn't Have This

To process a speed-date purchase there can be zero errors. If just one function doesn’t work right, the user will not bother to work around it to complete the buy. You have seconds, not minutes, hours, or days to complete this or else it won’t happen. Everything has got to be working right all of the time.


That’s the first step.


The second step is to make sure that the performance of your application moves very quickly. The pages must download immediately. The user must be able to do this fast whether he is on a 4G connection in Manhattan or a 2G connection in rural Macedonia.


You need mobile testing to make this happen. Test automation will make sure that all of the functions are working fine. Load testing can guarantee that your mobile app can handle masses of traffic coming to your site without any delays. Network Virtualization makes sure your application moves fast over any type of local network on earth. Experitest has mobile cloud testing, SeeTest Network Virtualization, and a Vugen AddOn to handle all of it.



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