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Does the “One Size Fits All” Enterprise App Really Exist?

The current wave of mobility has extended to the enterprise app. As a result, mobile apps are raising productivity by enabling a worker to work anywhere, and anytime. They are increasing efficiency by giving customers and clients a lot more options.


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Apple and IBM’s New Mobile Enterprise Apps Require More Mobile Testing


mobile enterprise apps one size fits all

Apple and IBM have taken notice. They immediately formed a partnership in order to create 10 mobile apps that will benefit business over most industries.


These enterprise apps will work much differently than their consumer counterparts. A customer application needs to work over 4 types of operating systems. Only then can you downloaded and use them. An enterprise app is more complicated. Even if the enterprise uses the same operating systems, their internal IT infrastructures are all unique.


Companies Come in Many Shapes and Sizes


mobile enterprise apps one size fits all

Companies used tailored software applications, databases, even devices. An application that works for company A may not be compatible with company B’s systems, even if they are both selling bananas.


Even companies that buy the same database software have different databases. Products have different classifications. Some teams record the “Sales” columns as “revenues,” and other line items may be classified differently. Even if the software enterprises use is pretty standard throughout an industry, the ways each business develops its proprietary applications with that software are unique.


Does that mean Apple and IBM, or any other company trying to develop a “one size fits all” enterprise app has a chance?


All in the Tailoring

mobile enterprise apps one size fits all

They do.


Whether you want to sell the same blue shirt to a big man or a small child, you need the same type of cloth and the same shade of blue. That’s 70% of the work.


That’s exactly what Apple and IBM are doing. For the enterprise, they are developing what they call “app templates.” They are applications where the functions are ready, but only 70% of the programming is complete. The other 30% involves the system manager of the enterprise integrating the application into its own unique systems.


For example, it’s kind of like selling two sides of a shirt separately with an elastic material, thread, and a pair of scissors in a bag on the side and leaving it up to the buyer to decide where to cut and sew.


As of now, this is the best solution for creating enterprise applications for a large market. Big developers like Apple and IBM will be creating applications that could not be made by companies with fewer resources dedicated to app development. Companies with the most experience and the strongest learning curve will be developing advanced mobile solutions that will create a tremendous benefit to enterprises and the people who work for it.


The New Demand for Mobile Testing

mobile enterprise apps one size fits all

That creates a huge demand for mobile app testing. Any situation that requires additional coding to install must be tested thoroughly.


Even if the “user market” for your application is “limited” to just your workforce, or “expanded” to your workforce and your clients, it still has to work properly. All of the areas of integration between an enterprise’s existing software applications and new mobile solutions must be tested end to end. A user in Singapore must have the same smooth performance as one in Sub-Saharan Africa (the highest growth market for mobile).


Experitest offers a comprehensive all in one mobile cloud testing solution. Furthermore, our SeeTest Solutions suite lets you cover everything with just one tool. A wise investment in capitalizing on mobility can optimize your mobility strategy for maximum growth.


The sky’s the limit.


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mobile enterprise apps one size fits all


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