April 27, 2014 Experitest

Automation Made Simple


Enjoy a Live Demonstration on How Easy it is to Master Test Automation for your mobile application testing.

WARNING: This will take your testing to the next level!


Expand your Test Automation with the greatest of EASE!


Mobile applications have become the internet 2.0. A mobile application is seen by more people than a website, commercial, even television show. The people who secure the quality of a mobile application are the guardians of the company’s future.


The challenge of today’s mobile application is speed and diligence. How can you release the newest version of your mobile application ahead of the competition while conducting enough testing to make sure that the bugs in your app are discovered by you, and not your customers?


Test automation is the key.


At Experitest, we know how unnerving implementing test automation can be. That is why we built our entire company around your making it easy. We provide you with complete support for installing your automation tool, integrating it with Continuous Integration platforms and other DevOps environments, creating automated test scripts, and troubleshooting problems along the way.


Here is what you will receive:


Automation Made SimpleA live consultation with our test engineers on how to install, integrate SeeTestAutomation, create automated test scripts, and troubleshoot issues along the way.

Automation Made Simple A live demo on how easy it is to achieve test automation with the right testing tool.

Automation Made Simple A month’s use of our SeeTestAutomation mobile testing tool.

Automation Made Simple A white paper on Continuous Integration for Mobile Applications.

Automation Made SimpleAutomation Made Simple  All of this is yours FOR FREE!