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Achieving Quality Security With Cloud Mobile Testing


According to the Capgemini World Quality Report for 2014-2015, security is the top focus for mobile application development in the coming year. Using remotely located devices in the cloud for mobile testing is dangerous if performed haphazardly. If you use the right tools your application will remain safe through app development and to deployment. Here are the main benefits of cloud mobile testing:

You can test safely within your company’s firewall.

By deploying Experitest’s SeeTest Cloud in your organization, you can also set up an on-premise mobile device lab within your company’s firewall. Testers from offices anywhere worldwide will access the devices connected to your server and test remotely. Enterprises who deploy this method of testing keep their tools inside the company firewall. All devices, servers, host machines, and desktop locations your testers use to remotely test mobile applications will always be within your company’s security parameters.


Some testing companies don’t give you that option. Their testing solutions require you to use mobile labs operated by them and outside your firewall. This could expose your mobile assets to external threats. If a tester downloads an application that is still in the development stage to a device, they might forget to delete it once they complete testing. Next, you might have no idea who will use that device next. You have no guarantee as to the safety of your private mobile assets.


Secure Your Mobile Testing with SeeTest Cloud

The SeeTest Mobile Device and Browser Lab also operates within your VPN. All data and information moving from a company office in Bangalore to headquarters in San Francisco will travel within the company network. Your testing procedures are secure from attacks on your private network.  Your testing data will similarly remain safe as it travels to physical locations throughout your company.


Hackers will have a tough time with you.


The Benchmark Industry for Mobile Testing

One of the most security-minded industries is the banking industry. Banks are tasked with guarding incredible amounts of customer information. They also must guarantee the privacy and accuracy of all client transactions. Especially after changes in stock prices, commodities, foreign exchange rates, and interest rates. Banks also maintain top-level security for mobile applications made available only to its employees, like apps to fill out loan requests or set up mortgages. For some banks, as much as 30% of their mobile applications are dedicated to their employees.


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Strict security regulations on mobile application development and testing demand that mobile testing must be done inside the bank’s VPN. This provides the same top-security level as the bank’s other IT systems. Of cours, there is zero tolerance for security breaches by both regulators and customers. The best testing tools do not require jailbreaking or rooting of any device under test. Gartner has determined that 75% of mobile application security issues come from users performing unauthorized actions. For example, jailbreaking which changes the configurations of devices and grants user access to mobile applications. A testing tool like the SeeTest Digital Assurance Lab which tests from within the VPN and doesn’t require such reconfiguration meets both these challenges at once.

The Rise of Security as a top priority

The rise of mobile banking has brought security to the top priority for banks’ success. Research from Vocalink’s mobile banking subsidiary, Zapp, revealed that 21 million British customers would prefer to change banks in order to be able to access mobile payments. Research carried out by Atomik Research showed 44% of consumers will transfer to a new bank that allows them to perform mobile banking. For banks, a mobile application is a matter of survival. The testing tool it chooses is like a lifeboat in the raging waters of cut-throat mobile application competition.


When seven out of the top ten banks worldwide choose Experitest’s Mobile Device and Browser Lab to carry out mobile testing for these reasons, you can see why SeeTest is the only option for mobile application success.



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