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  • 5 Characteristics of an Effective Testing Team.
  • Monday, April 28, 2014 | experitetst
  •   Dana Natan   Head of Marketing   I have worked many years in a number of different companies in different testing teams and my experiences have varied widely from highly enjoyable to significantly less enjoyable. The level of my enjoyment each time is undoubtedly connected to the effectiveness of the team. Someone asked me recently how I would define an effective testing team and the following characteristics are what I came up with;   Do You Want To Get… Read More

  • Automation Made Simple
  • Sunday, April 27, 2014 | experitetst
  • Enjoy a Live Demonstration on How Easy it is to Master Test Automation for your mobile application testing. WARNING: This will take your testing to the next level!   Expand your Test Automation with the greatest of EASE!   Mobile applications have become the internet 2.0. A mobile application is seen by more people than a website, commercial, even television show. The people who secure the quality of a mobile application are the guardians of the company's future.   The… Read More

  • Is your Enterprise Mobile Application Ready for holiday shopping?
  • Wednesday, October 30, 2013 | experitetst
  •   Navot Dako   Mobile Testing Evangelist   Make sure that your enterprise mobile application is truly Christmas-ready. There is nothing worse than an enterprise's application failing them on the most critical days of the year. Start working now and make sure that your enterprise won't be in the embarrassing position of offering items for incorrect prices (hello American Airlines) or even chasing away customers completely by them not being able to access the application… The temperature is dropping. The days… Read More