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  • CI/CD for Mobile Apps – Streamline the Dev, Test & Release Cycle
  • Tuesday, April 04, 2017 | experitetst
  • CI/CD Methodology

    Enterprises rely on their mobile apps to fulfill a specific function within their business. Distilled to its core purpose, however, a mobile app exists to create a great user experience. Enterprises want, increased revenue and to is to be thought of positively by the consuming public, which usually leads to increased revenue anyway. More companies than ever are accomplishing this with CI/CD methodology that help them release their apps and updates faster while eliminating bugs.         The result…

  • Appium Testing – The Definitive Guide to Modifying Your Mobile App Tests to Run on iOS10 – Part 1
  • Tuesday, February 07, 2017 | experitetst
  • Part 1 – The Challenges facing Appium testers when switching from iOS9 to iOS10.   Apple iOS10 was met with much of the usual fanfare upon release in September of 2016. For developers and testers that use open source software like Appium testing, the excitement soon turned to frustration as they discovered that their mobile app tests that worked in iOS9 with UI Automation did not function with the new XCUITest framework in iOS10. It then became a mad dash…

  • SeeTestAutomation – The Top Mobile Test Automation Features of 2016
  • Tuesday, December 13, 2016 | experitetst
  • SeeTestAutomation is, as many people who work in mobile test automation know, a test automation tool for mobile DevOps. It comes packed with features and in 2016 we added even more components and capabilities.   Note: iOS10.2 was launched today (December 13, 2016). The latest version of SeeTest mobile test automation tools (10.1) is fully compatible with iOS10.2   Here are some of the most interesting and important new features and innovations we rolled out in 2016.     Device…

  • Summarizing the Enterprise Appium by Experitest Blog Series – Part 5
  • Sunday, December 04, 2016 | experitetst
  • mobile app testing

    Part 5 – The Enterprise Appium by Experitest Blog Series in Brief   It is time to wrap up our Enterprise Appium blog series and tie it with a nice bow.   If you have been reading along for the past 4 blog posts, this is a nice summary of the Enterprise Appium blog series. If you are new to the blog series, welcome.   Note: All the information in today’s post is available in much greater via the links…

  • Introducing an Overview of Enterprise Appium by Experitest – Part 4
  • Tuesday, November 29, 2016 | experitetst
  • mobile app testing

    Part 4 – Introducing Enterprise Appium by Experitest   In our continuing blog series about Enterprise Appium by Experitest, we covered, why testers prefer Appium mobile app automation, and the challenges inherent in using Appium.   Now, as we move forward we will show you how you can have your open source cake and eat it too, in an Enterprise environment.   It is time to introduce Enterprise Appium by Experitest.   Enterprise mobile application testers who always wanted to use Appium…

  • Top 3 Appium Mobile App Testing Challenges – Enterprise Appium by Experitest Introduction – Part 3
  • Thursday, November 24, 2016 | experitetst
  • mobile app testing

    Part 3 – The main challenges of using Appium for mobile app testing.   In this blog series, we have been introducing our newest product Enterprise Appium by Experitest.   In our first post, we discussed the needs of mobile app testers in Enterprise environments. In our second post, we covered why mobile app testers prefer to use Appium’s open source software.   Get Updates on User Quality at our  LinkedIn  Page     No software is perfect of course, and while…