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The Dominion of the Devices


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Dana Natan


Head of Marketing


The app world has taken control. Enter your home, and you are surrounded by scores of smart gadgets being manipulated by mobile applications. Drive your car, and it’s all the same – assuming you didn’t use a mobile app to get someone else to drive you.

what happens without mobile testing

Everything around us has been migrated to the mighty app. Even our bodies. Smart pills are designed with medicine on one side, and an ingestible microchip on the other, sending data from inside your body to mobile devices stationed outside your flesh. Replaced organs, limbs, even blood include micro devices measuring your vitals to determine what you need to reach peak physical condition.


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The Encirclement

what happens without mobile testing

Smart devices have also infiltrated the flip side of this equation. Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, and a plethora of fast food vendors are developing mobile applications that allow for you to have coffee and cakes delivered straight to you just by touching a screen. Pizza can be delivered without having to make a phone call. One pizza company gives out buttons that you pin to your refrigerator. The button is programmed to your favorite order so whenever you want delivery – just push the button.


Once all this junk food is done making you fat, fear not! Fitness wearables track your pulse, heartbeat, even your blood pressure. You can quickly perform a personal diagnostic on yourself to see what needs to be done to lose that extra cappuccino.


The Mobile Mastermind

what happens without mobile testing

Mobile apps manipulate all of it. They are the brains of the devices inside your homes, cars, offices, and bodies. Whether inside your living room or your chest, the mobile application is where everything is configured, managed, and executed. It is where you confirm the devices are working properly. It is where the information these devices were designed to provide is accurate, or if the creatures swimming around your bloodstream are just taking up space.


Some apps will tell you to order the big burger meal because they are having a buy one get one free sale right now. Others will tell you that your heart rate is a little up right now so you need to take a brisk walk.


Our Hero

what happens without mobile testing

If you are going to insert an electrical device inside your body, it better be tested to perfection. If you are going to transfer responsibility to your own physical wellbeing to these applications, they better be telling you the right things from the first moment you start using them.


That’s where mobile testing comes in. At Experitest we make sure nothing is left to chance with our mobile cloud testing solution.


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