Digital Apps Development & Debugging

Develop and debug your mobile application on remotely located physical mobile devices by integrating to XCode, Android Studio or any Dev environment

    • View and control remote mobile device as if they are locally connected
    • Develop and debug native mobile apps including inserting breakpoints from XCode and Android Studio
    • Develop and debug web mobile apps from Safari and Chrome Web tools
    • Speed up fault resolution by debugging in the exact conditions in which errors occur
    • Connect to remote mobile devices located in your on-premise or SaaS Digital Assurance Lab

Why use development & debugging tools by Experitest?

Shorten the Dev-Test Feedback Loop

Speed up root cause analysis and error resolution by working with the same mobile devices, in the same environment where the error occurred. Troubleshoot bugs, and issues more thoroughly when debugging on real mobile devices under real network and device conditions.

Reproduce Bugs Faster

Receive detailed reports from the testing team that includes screenshots and videos of what happened in each step of the test, and indicating exactly where the fault occurred. Watch remotely in real time how errors occur while the tester manually tests an application, during shared live sessions.

Access any Device, Emulator or Simulator

Connect to Experitest's SaaS mobile device lab and gain immediate access to a wide selection of real mobile devices, simulators, and emulators always ready for testing in a managed 24/7 environment. Integrate quickly, and easily to your development environment, and use the remotely located devices as if they are locally connected your PC.