Add-On Packages

Experitest offers a variety of add-on packages to suit your specific requirements. Learn more about available add-on packages here.

Network Virtualization Package
This provides you with the ability to simulate different network conditions on mobile devices

Admin Package
Manage user roles, device & app management, email/broadcasting, and advanced digital lab reporting

Security Package
Get LDAP integration, SSO (Single Sign On) and SSL support

Real-Time Reporter Package
Access a quality dashboard, customizable reports, test coverage analysis and root-cause analysis

UI Performance Package
Measure performance data at the transaction level: duration, CPU/memory/battery consumption, as well as Network data, and view it in detailed performance reports

XCUITest & Espresso Test Package
Enjoy advanced execution management options, including fast feedback or coverage mode, execution from CI environments, a live grid view and advanced reports.

Multi–Region Package
Access single cloud supporting devices from multiple regions (with the same URL)

CxO Package
View operational and quality information, including ROI, availability, usage, platform coverage, quality, and velocity

Silver Support Package
Access remote support during office hours

Gold Support Package
Enjoy dedicated support 24/7