Mobile App Testing Tools

Mobile Application Functional Testing Tools

Appium Studio

Enjoy the benefits of open-source Appium, while meeting your enterprise needs. Set-up within minutes, enable remote mobile application testing, run iOS tests on Windows machines, easily write tests, and receive immediate version and beta support.

Espresso and XCTest

Developers can leverage open source Espresso and XCTest tools in a large scale execution environment. Run tests on multiple devices in parallel, either locally connected to the developers machine or on remote devices in SeeTestCloud.

Cloud Onsite

A Mobile Device Cloud Located Onsite, in the Customer Premises Enables Enterprises to locate all their mobile device inventory in a central lab, providing developers and testers remote access to them.

Cloud SaaS

Mobile Device Cloud Hosted by Experitest
Test mobile applications on hundreds of remote mobile devices hosted at Experitest secure data centers. Enjoy fast interaction with the most recent devices and all mobile OS, including fast beta version support.


A centralized test reporting system that automatically consolidates all of your quality data and provides an end-to-end quality view of your apps and testing program.

Mobile Application Performance Testing Tools

Network Virtualization

Ensure your users have great digital experiences under any network condition. Conduct mobile app testing under different network conditions, network type or capacity. Emulate mobile-specific scenarios such as riding an elevator or driving through a tunnel. Cover mobile performance testing and functional testing all at once, using your existing test cases.

Mobile Add-On For
Load Runner

Test how your mobile application behaves under real-life conditions – when many users are using simultaneously. Connect real mobile devices and see how your application performs under the synthetic load you generate in LoadRunner. Monitor response times, CPU, memory, battery and GPU.

How Can We Help?

For Developers: Leverage Espresso and XCTest for large scale execution

Developers can execute unit testing and white box testing against a large number of mobile devices in parallel, reducing testing time and ensuring quality releases.

For Testers: Appium testing made easy and enterprise scalable

Deploy your mobile applications in less time. Spend fewer resources in time, money, and manpower perfecting the operation and performance of your latest mobile application.

Cloud of mobile devices as SaaS or onsite

Mobile devices hosted in Experitest data centers or on your enterprise premises can be accessed as a SaaS offering.