Mobile App Testing Tools

Cloud Onsite

Provide access to an onsite device lab to different testing teams. Each onsite device lab resides in a customer’s offices and within their VPN to ensure top security and speed. Features include, advanced management capabilities for projects, applications, users and device inventory.

Cloud Online

Remotely Access a central hub of mobile devices hosted by Experitest. Devices are kept at secured data centers worldwide. Customers will have access to dedicated devices that are solely for the use of one specific client. Device interaction is extremely fast.

Mobile Application Functional Testing Tools


Test automation tool for mobile. The same tests run on different devices, and operating systems. Test using real devices, or on emulators. SeeTestAutomation plugs into any testing environment like WebDriver (Selenium), HP UFT/QTP, JUnit, Microsoft Visual Studio, or Python.

Appium by Experitest

Scale your existing Appium tests to an Enterprise-Wide Environment. View device reflections for simple test scripting. Add Remoting capabilities critical for offshore teams by integrating with SeeTestCloud. Set up your mobile testing environment quickly & easily.

Mobile Add-On for

Extend UFT/QTP for mobile test automation with the add-on from Experitest. Fully integrates into HP UFT/QTP software. Record a test, edit it, run it, and view results (report). Object repository (mobile object properties) integration adds capabilities.


Test manually on remote devices located in your onsite device lab (SeeTestCloud). Generate reports with screenshots and videos of what happened on the device. Easy device sharing and debugging between QA and Development teams. Full integration with HP Quality Center and Attlassian JIRA available.

Mobile Application Performance Testing Tools

Network Virtualization

Emulate real world network conditions to test the actual user experience of your mobile applications. Define network conditions by geographical location of user, server and network type. Emulate on-the-move scenarios specific to mobile such as riding in an elevator. or driving through a tunnel

Mobile Add-On For
Load Runner

Connect real mobile devices and see how your application performs under the synthetic load you generate in LoadRunner. Monitor response times, CPU, memory, battery and GPU. Create a VuGen load script directly in LoadRunner, or using SeeTestAutomation. Seamlessly integrate into HP Performance Center.

How Can We Help?

Extend Your Existing ALM Assets with Cross-Platform, Mobile Application Testing Capabilities

Run the same test on all operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone8 & BlackBerry) with your existing testing framework. Low maintenance and full portability ensured by the most advanced native/web identification methods in the market.

Secure, Onsite Cloud Testing For Mobile Applications

An internal, Private Mobile-lab that resides inside your own organization's VPN, thus ensuring top security and speed, and enabling testers located in remote geographical locations to test the devices.

Realize Real ROI On Your Mobile Testing<

Deploy your mobile application in less time. Bring the latest version to market ahead of the competition. Spend less resources in time, money, and manpower perfecting the operation and performance of your latest mobile application.