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Onsite device lab (in your offices, inside your VPN) that can be remotely accessed by different testing teams

  • Locate all your devices in a central location and enable remote access to them
  • Device inventory management including comprehensive view of all device model, OS version, etc.
  • Application management including mass deployment, clean up and download of mobile applications on relevant devices
  • User management including adding, removing and setting roles and permissions for users
  •

Functional Testing


Test automation tool for mobile – same test runs on different devices

  • Test on real devices and on emulators
  • Create a test on one device run on any other device model or operating system (e.g. Android test runs on iOS)
  • Plugs into any testing environment - WebDriver (Selenium), HP UFT/QTP, JUnit, Microsoft Visual Studio and Python and other testing environments
  •

Mobile Add-On for

Extend UFT/QTP for mobile test automation with the add-on from Experitest

  • Full integration into HP UFT/QTP software
  • Record a test, edit it, run it, and view results (report)
  • Integration of object repository (mobile object properties)
  •


Test manually on remote devices located in your onsite device lab (SeeTestCloud)

  • Perform any action on the remote mobile device from your computer
  • Receive a report with screenshots and videos of what happened on the device
  • Easy device sharing and debugging between QA and Development teams
  •

Performance Testing

Network Virtualization

Emulate real world network conditions to test actual user experience of your users

  • Define network profile by jitter, latency and bandwidth
  • Define network conditions by geographical location of user, server, network type and operator
  • Emulate mobile specific network conditions such as reception deterioration while entering an elevator or reception blocking while driving through a tunnel
  •

Mobile Add-On For
Load Runner

Connect Real Mobile Devices and See How Your Application Performs Under Synthetic Load You Generate in LoadRunner

  • Extend your performance testing and monitoring to include physical devices
  • Monitor response times, CPU, memory, battery and GPU
  • Receive a comprehensive and credible picture of the actual user experience
  •

How Can We Help

Extend Your Existing ALM Assets With Cross-Platform, Mobile Application Testing Capabilities

Run the same test on all operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone8 & BlackBerry) with your existing testing framework.Low maintainance and full portability ensured by the most advancednative/web identification methods in the market.

Secure, Onsite Cloud Testing For Mobile Applications

An internal, Private Mobile-lab that resides inside your own organization's VPN, thus ensuring top security and speed, and enabling testers located in remote geographical locations to test the devices.

Realize Real ROI On Your Mobile Testing

Deploy your mobile application in less time. Bring the latest version to market ahead of the competition. Spend less resources in time, money, and manpower perfecting the operation and performance of your latest mobile application.