• Use UFT for mobile test automation with the add-on from Experitest
    • Use UFT only, no need for any additional tool
    • Use UFT Object Spy
    • Use UFT command auto-completion
    • Receive reports in UFT including screenshots
    • Test on local or remote (cloud) devices
    • Supports iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, Blackberry
    • Supports web and native object recognition
    • Supports QTP 11, 11.5 and UFT 12
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  • Get Started in 3 Quick Steps :

Why SeeTestAutomation?

Recorder for quick test creation

SeeTestAutomation uses a simple plug, record and play mechanism. It is easy to connect via USB, WiFi or an internal cloud. There is no need for code writing due to the recording of actions performed and all functions and gestures are supported.

Identify objects by Native properties

SeeTestAutomation identifies objects by Native of Web properties which leads to low maintenance of scripts as they aren’t sensitive to UI changes in the application. In addition, this same script can run on different devices and OS.

Leverage your existing ALM environment

SeeTestAutomation can be used together with integrative tools and CI environments which allows for the extension of the code environment. This in turn leads to the leveraging of existing ALM assets.