Connecting an iOS Emulator

To connect SeeTestAutomation to an iOS emulator:

Step 1:            Perform the following preliminary steps:

(1)        Install the iOS emulator on your MAC station.

(2)        Install SeeTestAutomationon a WINDOWS station.

Step 2:            In SeeTestAutomation, click on the 'Add Device' button and select 'iOS Device'.

Step 3:            A pop-up will appear in SeeTestAutomation: Set the Host to be the IP address of the MAC machine.

Step 4:            The connection will appear in the Device tab of SeeTestAutomation. To activate the connection, select it from the device list and click the Open Device button in the Device tab.


You can now use SeeTestAutomation directly on this iOS emulator that you see in the WINDOWS station. Specifically:

1.     Press the "Record" button in SeeTestAutomation

2.     Perform the sequence of actions you want to automate on the iOS emulator you see in your WINDOWS station

3.     Press the "Stop" button in SeeTestAutomationand then press  the "Play" button in SeeTestAutomation.

Note:    The test – which you recorded on the WINDOWS station - will then be executed on the iOS emulator on the MAC station.


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