Connect a Windows Phone Device

With SeeTest, you can test applications running on real devices, such as a Windows Phone.

To do so follow the instructions below:

Step 1:          Prerequisites

(1)      Machine must have Windows 8 as the OS (Emulator requires Windows 8 Professional  and above)

(2)      Windows Phone 8 SDK must be installed on your computer (it already has the required .NET framework built-in).
You can find it in

(3)      Register the device for development - a developer account is necessary.

(4)      Have the application's Xap file on your computer.

(5)      Prepare the application for testing - Instrument the application


(1)      For evaluation purposes, you can use  our demo application that has already been instrumented and can be found in the installation directory: <install dir>\bin\wp\sample

(6)      Connect the device via USB cable.

Step 2:          Go to the "Device" tab in SeeTest, click the Add Device icon and select "Window Phone device” from the drop-down list. 

Step 3:          A pop-up will appear and you will then see the Serial Number of the device. Name the device, and then click on the "OK" button.


(1)      For emulators, you will need to fill in the 'Host' field with the IP address of the device (this is because in some network configurations, SeeTest will not be able to discover it)

(2)      If the wp8 device doesn't appear in the device list - verify that the 'ipoverusbsvc' service is up and running. If it's not - the user will be able to add wp8 emulators only (and only if they are available to him).


The selected device will appear in the "Device" tab.


Step 4:          Install the tested application using the application manager:

(1)      Click to open the application manager

(2)      Click on the Import application icon

(3)      Choose the tested application and click on "Import"

(4)      Click on the Install application icon

Step 5:          Select the tested device and click the Open Device icon.

Step 6:          A pop-up will appear and you will then need to select the application to be tested from the drop-down list (only imported applications will appear in the list) and click "OK".


The device screen should then appear then on your desktop, with the application running on it.



If something doesn't work properly  go through all the Prerequisites (at the top of this page) and make sure you read it and carry them out.


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