iOS8 Supported by SeeTest

Experitest – the provider of SeeTest tools for mobile test automation, manual testing, monitoring and performance, supporting all mobile OS – announces full support for iOS8 including full springboard control.

IDC has recently published a report on Experitest

IDC has recently published a report on Experitest providing an overview of the company, its activities and leading position in the mobile test automation market. For a copy of the report please email us

7 of 10 Largest Banks Worldwide Have Selected SeeTest Tool for Their Mobile Testing

SeeTest has clearly become the tool of choice for mobile test automation in the banking industry. Click to find out more about the main considerations in choosing a mobile testing tool for banking applications.

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Mobile App Testing of Windows Phone 8.1 Now Supported by SeeTest Tools

Following the recent Windows Phone 8.1 release, Experitest are happy to announce their being the first to support the new system.

Over 1000 Certified SeeTest Members around the World!

The SeeTest Certification Program is a way for skilled QA professionals to display their expertise, to validate their skills and demonstrate their proficiency in the latest Experitest solutions. Join the rapidly expanding circle of Certified SeeTest members today.

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Extend your Existing ALM assets with Cross-Platform, Mobile Application Testing Capabilities

Run the same test on all operating
systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone8 & BlackBerry) with your existing testing framework.
Low maintainance and full portability
ensured by the most advanced
native/web identification methods in the market.

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Secure, Onsite Cloud Testing for Mobile Applications

An internal, private mobile-lab that resides inside your own organization's VPN, thus ensuring top security and speed, and enabling testers located in remote geographical locations to test the devices.

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Gain Clear ROI In Manual Mobile Testing

Multiply the capacity of your manual testers by replicating the work they do onto a single device on several other devices automatically.

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